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Speed Dating is the
that Everyone is talking about!

Speed Dating is An
Exciting, Fun and Safe Way
to find that special person you’re looking for!
How Does It Work?

Upon arrival to a Live Speed Dating Event, all participants must Check In. Each participant will be given a Bachelor/Bachelorette badge with a number on it.

The women will seat themselves at the table which corresponds with their badge number while the men will wait in the waiting chairs until directed to move to the tables. You may then relax and make yourself comfortable while waiting for everyone to get seated. Once everyone has arrived, your host will give a quick welcome speech to let you know what to expect. The host will then direct the men to seat themselves across from the women at the table which corresponds with their badge number And The Dating Fun Begins!

After five minutes, we will ring a bell. When the bell sounds, the couples then have five minutes per "date" to converse with each other. This time frame allows everyone in the room an opportunity to mingle. When the bell sounds again, the women will stay seated, and all the men will move around to the next seat for the next "date". Between each date you will be given a short period of time to make notes about your dates using your "Cupid Card".  This continues (with a half time break) until you have met everyone there.

At the end of the event, simply complete your "Cupid Card" by coloring in the heart next to any participants that you would like further communication/contact with.

Within 24 hrs. you will receive an email/text with links/ information for further contact with your matches. There is no pressure, no rejection, no embarrassment and no games!

 More Information

Over 95% of our speed daters get at least one match,
with over 60% getting two or more matches. You will enjoy
a successful Speed Dating experience, and have lots of fun
with 15-20 like-minded singles interested in meeting you.

We make it Easy! Sign up for Speed Dating and
find your soul mate today!

    You have nothing to lose and love to find! We give you a 100% Guarantee that you will have at least one match or your next speed dating event is FREE!                             
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We Have Gift Certificates Too!
Live Speed Dating Events are Fundraising Events
Held in various cities and venues all over the country

100% of net proceeds are donated to Peace, Inc.
A Not-For-Profit Organization Benefitting Victims of Domestic Violence
For more Information Call us at: 888-846-9224 (Option 4) 
OR E-mail us at:

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